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CFD Services from Flow Science

CFD sofware simulation of high pressure diecasting

FLOW-3D simulation of a wastewater grit tank

We know that some companies may not be prepared to take simulation software in-house, either because they lack the resources or because their needs for flow modeling are limited to a single or small number of projects. We also know some of our customers experience short-term project needs for which their own computing resources may not be adequate. For all these situations, Flow Science offers cost-effective CFD services using FLOW-3D.

Varying levels of consulting services are available, including:

  1. Running client-prepared simulations on Flow Science’s computing resources
  2. Preparing, running and providing detailed results from FLOW-3D simulations using parameters provided by the client
  3. Full process analysis and recommendations*

* For the third option, we typically refer clients to our CFD Consulting Partners, who are third-party consultants who have significant experience with FLOW-3D.

In every project we take on, we work with you to establish clear goals, realistic costs and schedules, and efficient communications. If you want to learn more about our CFD services, please contact us online or call us at 505-982-0088.