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Letter from the Editor

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
—Pablo Picasso

The news lately has been filled with brutal weather conditions that seem to catch city and state governments inadequately prepared. Officials are reduced to making apologies and/or excuses for this lack of planning, which does not make them popular.

It is heartening to hear from our customers that many of them are taking precautions to prevent a similar lack of preparedness in their work by using FLOW-3D simulations to identify possible problems and to make better choices when they are faced with options. This is the topic of the current Application article Integration of CFD Analysis into Die Casting Process Design. This article also emphasizes how easy it is to do "what-if" studies for customers to help them weather their changing business climates. On a related issue is the Hints & Tips article that discusses how to reduce simulation times for metal casting applications.

Helping our customers to be prepared is our job. To do this better we are always on the lookout for better or alternative ways to improve our modeling capabilities. One new development is a modified turbulence modeling approach that gives better results in boundary layer flows. This option, called the k-ω model, is described in this Newsletter's Development article.

Whatever the challenge, simulation is a comfortable and efficient way to prepare for all conditions. Using simulation to plan ahead and to propose better ways to do things is the fair weather way to be successful and popular.

Your editor,

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Tony Hirt