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FLOW-3D/MP v5 Released!


FLOW-3D/MP enables engineers to take advantage of the scaling potential of the software on multi-core clusters. The latest release of the software, FLOW-3D/MP v5, offers users substantial performance and scaling improvements compared to standard FLOW-3D v10.1 for workstations and to the prior release of FLOW-3D/MP, v4.2.

Highlights of FLOW-3D/MP v5

The physical models in FLOW-3D/MP v5 are based on FLOW-3D v10.1, which was released in early 2013. Read a complete list of FLOW-3D/MP v5 features.

Webinar: Introduction to FLOW-3D/MP: High Performance Multi-Core Computing Applications

Thursday, August 29, 2013 11:00 AM EDT

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This webinar aims to introduce FLOW-3D/MP to engineers working on large simulation problems, where scaling up to take advantage of multi-core clusters can considerably shorten simulation runtimes. Flow Science engineers will be presenting practical implementations of FLOW-3D/MP and will showcase numerous benchmark studies highlighting both the ease of use and runtime gains achieved by using FLOW-3D/MP.

Benchmark Data

FLOW-3D/MP v5 offers users substantial performance improvements with possible scaling up to 128 cores and beyond, over FLOW-3D v10.1. Presented below is a performance analysis of FLOW-3D/MP up to 128 cores for 5 typical applications namely; hydraulics, casting, thermal stress evolution, microfluidics and aerospace. Go here for benchmark data.

Video Tutorials

Watch video tutorials that demonstrate step-by-step how to install, set up, run and schedule simulations using FLOW-3D/MP v5 on Linux clusters.

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Contact our Sales Team for more information about FLOW-3D/MP v5.

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