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Comings & Goings

New Employees

Stephen SanchezStephen Sanchez graduated in May with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of New Mexico and on May 31st he began his career as Software Engineer with Flow Science. As a Software Engineer and member of the GUI development team, Stephen will be involved in all aspects of the development of FLOW-3D's graphical user interface including software design, implementation of new features, and maintenance issues. He reports to John Ditter, VP of Software Engineering.


Markus GruenznerDipl.- Ing. Markus Gruenzner joined Flow Science as a Developer on July 1st. Markus is a German civil engineer who received his Dipl.-Ing. from the Technical University of Munich where he subsequently worked as a scientific assistant at the university's Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering. For the past seven years he has taught at the Technical University of Munich and has managed the numerical projects of the institute, where he gained his experience with FLOW-3D. As a Solver Developer, Markus will be involved in the advancement of new features in FLOW-3D by developing new hydraulics models and add-ons. He reports to Michael Barkhudarov, VP of Research and Development.


Wenny WangWenny (Xiaohang) Wang, Ph.D., joined Flow Science on July 2nd as CFD Engineer. Wenny holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University where she majored in Large Eddy Simulations of Supercritical Turbulent Pipe/Annular Flows. She began her career in customer support at Pointwise, Inc., where she was a Senior Support and Consulting Engineer for the past 6 years. As a CFD Engineer, Wenny will provide technical support and training for clients in all application areas. She reports to David Souders, VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.



Welcome Stephen, Markus and Wenny!


Liping XueDr. Liping Xue was promoted to Senior Developer on July 1st. Since being hired as a Developer in December 2011, Liping has made extensive contributions to the FLOW-3D development, and has shown great initiative, responsiveness and a deep knowledge of CFD. We look forward to his continuing significant contributions as a Senior Developer.

Congratulations, Liping!



Baby Janvi

Baby JanviJayesh Kariya, a Testing & Validation Engineer at Flow Science Software Pvt. Ltd., and his wife, Rupa are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Janvi, who was born July 23, 2013.

Congratulations, Jayesh and Rupa, and welcome to the world, Janvi!




Future CFD Engineer

Charlie Miller, future CFD engineerCharlie Miller, Tony Hirt's grandson, shows off his 4th grade project that demonstrated how algebra can be used in real life situations as well as help the environment. Charlie thinks he might like to go into computational fluid dynamics (especially since he likes math). One can only hope!