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Letter from the Editor

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.”
Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

In the midst of winter it is pleasant to imagine floating peacefully in the warm and gentle waves lapping onto a southern beach. In light of recent events, it is also likely that one might briefly think of how terrifying it would be if a large tsunami were to appear off shore. Surfers dream of large (but maybe not gigantic) waves and environmentalists think of waves as a possible source of clean, renewable energy. Waves hold fascination for everyone, for many different reasons.

Waving off all other options, we have used this issue of the News to dip into several interesting and, depending on your drift, useful wave topics. First, there is a Hints and Tips article on the ups and downs of wave modeling. Then, for those more interested in action stories, there is an article on modeling large wave forces on bridge structures, which is sure to be a slamming success. Finally, for those more gentle bathers contemplating how their sponges float or sink, enlightenment might be found in the article describing improvements to the General Moving Objects model.

Please continue to surf our Newsletters for breaking news, current topics of interest and swell animations.

Your editor,

Editor's Signature

Tony Hirt