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Coming Soon - FLOW-3D Cast v3.5!

Flow Science will soon release version 3.5 of its specialty modeling package for the casting industry, FLOW-3D Cast. The new version will incorporate all of the new casting-related features of version 10 of FLOW-3D, except for the thermal stress model, which is expected to be incorporated in a release this coming summer. Among the major new capabilities for existing users of FLOW-3D Cast are iron solidification and shrinkage, temperature-dependent fluid properties, cavitation potential, permeable mold model for air escape during filling, prediction of core gas generation, modeling capability for sand core blowing and for core and mold drying.

This FLOW-3D Cast v3.5 filling simulation is colored by temperature.

FLOW-3D Cast, which was originally developed under the auspices of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, uses the FLOW-3D solver for its calculation engine, but offers casting engineers a streamlined graphical interface that uses familiar casting terminology. Flow Science acquired the product, which was initially marketed and sold under the trade name “Conifer Cast,” in mid-2011.

Setup of a filling simulation using FLOW-3D Cast
Screenshot showing the setup of a filling simulation using FLOW-3D Cast.

FLOW-3D Cast is offered in three ascending levels of capability: Basic, Extended and Advanced. The Basic version is positioned as an affordable entry level product for the foundry market, while Extended offers additional capabilities necessary for HPDC shops. The Advanced version gives the user all the high-level physical models found in FLOW-3D (including access to the FLOW-3D interface to enable the user to run non-casting simulations). Because all versions use the same underlying solver engine, the accuracy of filling and solidification results is equivalent in all versions. Also, parallel processing is available in all versions.

Existing users of standard FLOW-3D are welcome to contact Flow Science to inquire about converting to the FLOW-3D Cast interface.

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