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Comings & Goings

Musical Chairs

The only constant is change, and Flow Science saw some changes in its management structure at the end of 2011.

Ron Harper, Vice President of Programming and employee #3 for Flow Science, who recently passed the 30 year milepost as an employee, has relinquished his role managing the user interface development group to be able to focus exclusively on certain key programming initiatives.

John Ditter, previously Vice President of Engineering and Customer Support, has assumed Ron’s responsibilities over graphical interface and post-processing/visualization development. His new title is Vice President, Software Engineering. In addition to the GUI development group, John will retain his oversight of Flow Science's IT and QA teams.

David Souders has taken on additional responsibility over customer support and training, and now has the title of Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Customer Support. Flow Science's support engineers report to Dave, along with the sales and marketing groups.

New Employees

Dr. Liping Xue, Developer

Liping Xue, Flow Science's newest developer.
Liping Xue, Flow Science's newest developer.

Dr. Liping Xue is the most recent addition to the FLOW-3D Development Team. Liping has a
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). As a solver developer, Liping will be primarily involved in the advancement of new features in FLOW-3D for casting applications, as well as in maintenance issues. Before joining Flow Science, Liping was a senior scientist at Advanced Dynamics where he took a technical lead in the development of the company's integrated software toolset for analysis, design, and evaluation of aerospace vehicles. Liping will report to Michael Barkhudarov, VP of R&D.

Oren Raz, Sales & Marketing Engineer

Oren Raz is a recent mechanical engineering graduate from the University of New Mexico and part of the Flow Science sales team. Oren will work with prospective clients to demonstrate FLOW-3D's uniqueness and wide range of capabilities for the growing list of application areas our products support. Oren will report to David Souders, VP of Sales, Marketing & Customer Support.

Welcome Liping and Oren!

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