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Flow Science Contracts its Environmental Footprint

PNM Electric has flipped the switch on a new 37.6 kilowatt grid-tied photovoltaic solar system mounted on the roof of Flow Science’s headquarters in Santa Fe. The new system is projected to deliver roughly half of Flow Science’s electricity needs.

A total of 160 panels were installed on Flow Science’s roof by AMENERGY, located in New Mexico with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. AMENERGY provides innovative and high quality services for planning, management and construction of clean and renewable energy projects and green buildings.

Solar panels on the rooftop at Flow Science headquarters in Santa Fe, NM
Installation of solar panels at Flow Science in Santa Fe, NM.

The addition of the solar panels was the brainchild of Flow Science’s accounting manager, Joyce Lathrop, whose idea was implemented after being submitted to Flow Science’s Great Idea Committee, which was formed in order to incorporate employees’ ideas about how to improve the company. When asked about the impetus for the project, Joyce commented that,

"After working at Flow Science for a short time and seeing the amazingly high amount of kilowatt hours used and also the very low interest rate being paid on the savings, I knew there was a chance to get a better return on the money and also reduce the electric bill. Because I have a Photovoltaic system on my own home since 2005, I knew there was an opportunity to better use the money and reduce our environmental footprint in the process. I contacted a couple of local solar system providers that I knew and had them help me out with some numbers to show the benefit. I’m very excited and happy to see the panels on the roof and am looking forward for our next electric bill to see how much difference this makes."

Detail image of solar panels on rooftop of Flow Science, Inc. in Santa Fe, NM Project completed: Solar panels on rooftop of Flow Science, Inc. in Santa Fe, NM Work in progress: Solar panels on rooftop of Flow Science, Inc. in Santa Fe, NM

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