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Staff Profile: Joyce Lathrop

Joyce Lathrop, Accounting Manager at Flow Science
Joyce Lathrop, Flow Science's Accounting Manager.

Title: Accounting Manager

Education: University of Colorado – BS in Business/Accounting. City University, Seattle – Master of Business Administration.

How long have you worked for Flow Science? 

I’ve been here since April 2010. I started part-time and became full-time in October 2010.

Before coming to Flow Science you had your own business working for a variety of clients. What is the best (and worst?) thing about just working in one place?

The best part is getting to work with the same people and the same projects every day which allows for a lot more continuity. I like getting to know the people I work with and learning about their hobbies and interests like motorcycles, dogs, cats and quilts. Also I love working in air conditioning. I miss the flexibility of my schedule when I worked for myself, but I don’t miss working at night.  

What is the most interesting project you are working on right now?

I’m working on a State of New Mexico tax credit application that requires a lot of investigation into old records, which is interesting.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned from Flow Science customers?

I find the large variety of uses for FLOW-3D fascinating. When we get a new customer, I often look at the company’s website to see what they do.

Who has had the greatest influence on you and why?

My father. He was a very intelligent and gentle person with a great sense of humor. He encouraged me at a young age to apply myself in school and to use my mind and showed me a good example of how to live a happy life.

What would like to learn how to do or get better at?

I’d love to do a mind meld with someone that already knows Microsoft Access. I’d love to know it better but I don’t have a lot of patience for reading the book.

What is on your reading list? Do you have a recent favorite?

Sex, Mom, & God by Frank Schaeffer. Very interesting book. I recently finished Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston, the book from which they made the movie “127 Hours.” I like to read survivor stories.

What are your important accomplishments?

I’m a big believer in doing my part to curb our dependence on fossil fuels and am proud that I have photovoltaic solar panels on my roof at home. 100% of our electric needs are met with the panels. I also own a hybrid car and am on a waiting list for a plug-in electric car. I also feel very proud to have been involved in Flow Science' solar panel project and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a happy person and I like to look for the good in people and in life in general. I don’t mind hard work, I like a good challenge, but mostly I like to laugh.

You own a cat with a pretty unusual name. What’s his/her name and how did that come about?

Her name is Tuzigoot. She is a beautiful calico with green eyes. Tuzigoot is the name of a Pueblo Indian ruin in Arizona and I saw the sign and loved the name. When we got the cat, I remembered the name.

Who has the best New Mexican food in Santa Fe?

My favorite is Los Potrillos, but most would say that is Mexican and not New Mexican. I don’t think you can beat El Parasol for great food at a great price and then of course there is Maria's.

Red or Green? 


Everyone gets asked the red or green question but here’s another for you: Stewart or Colbert?

No one is a bigger fan than I am of both. I watch them every night. It’s a toss-up but if I had to choose, I'd say the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Editor's Note: Uh, oh Stephen, are you reading this?

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