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Letter from the Editor

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”
– Abraham Lincoln

For the second time in eleven years your Editor’s thoughts about CFD were interrupted by a forced evacuation of his home because of wildfires. This fire, the largest in the history of New Mexico (approximately 158,000 acres), is now contained. During the week of evacuation it was difficult to get clear information about where the fire was and what had been burned. Once or twice an aerial map was published that helped to give some idea of the scope and location of affected areas, but more detail and better maps would have relieved a lot of anxiety.

This personal experience is a good introduction to some of the articles in the current Newsletter, which describe how to get more out of CFD simulations using easily understandable graphic displays and better ways to organize the information generated by simulations. The fast moving fire that was eating up our dry forests is also a good metaphor for a new parallelization of FLOW-3D that combines the best features of shared and distributed-memory techniques. This so called "hybridization" technique eats rapidly through complex simulations by distributing the computational load over a large array of processors. Read the development article on this new capability to get detailed speed-up information that will fan your fires.

Readers involved in metal casting activities who have many small fires to extinguish will find the Hints & Tips article on our casting simulation software FLOW-3D CAST of interest. This article describes many labor saving and convenient features to help clear the smoke from new casting projects.

Wild fires offer cleansing and renewal of forests. Perhaps in upcoming users conferences and articles referenced in this issue of the News you can also find opportunities for self renewal.

Your editor,

Editor's Signature

Tony Hirt