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Letter from the Editor

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are surrounded by boundaries of many types. It is impossible to look at a news report without being bombarded by boundary problems. Be it the boundary of Afghanistan with Pakistan, the proposed boundary between Palestine and Israel, domain boundaries in coastal areas, and so forth. Here at home are issues with voter district boundaries and boundaries for access to water aquifers. The list is boundless.

In view of all these troublesome problems, it is a pleasure to report some leaps and bounds to solving certain boundary issues using FLOW-3D. Of course, a principal feature of our software is its ability to accurately treat free fluid surfaces (i.e., boundaries between gas and liquid). This issue of the Newsletter expands on this by reporting several new boundary modeling capabilities. For instance, one user has cleverly married a variety of FLOW-3D features to study the boundary between air and deposits of pulverized material to see how the entrainment of dust into the air could be minimized. Other articles address new capabilities for improving boundary treatments. One describes a method to reduce the numerical diffusion of temperature across a liquid/gas boundary while another describes an entirely new capability to simulate dynamically coupled fluid and structure regions

Unfortunately, we have no solution for major global and local boundary problems, but perhaps some comfort can be gained by knowing you will now be better able to solve your scientific and engineering challenges involving material boundaries.

Your editor,

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Tony Hirt