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Flow Science's 30th Anniversary

30 Years of Improving the World Through Accurate Flow Modeling

Flow Science is entering into its 30th year of offering solutions in computational fluid dynamics (or, as a flyer from an early seminar announced it "Numerical Fluid Dynamics"). In addition to its flagship software, FLOW-3D, Flow Science has expanded its product range to include FLOW-3D/MP, the distributed-memory version of FLOW-3D, and FLOW-3D Cast, a specialized version for casting users. Flow Science also provides consulting and development services. Founded in 1980 (read the original statement of purpose), by C.W. "Tony" Hirt as a spin-off from his work at Los Alamos National Labs, the company has grown substantially in size and reach. Flow Science has expanded into China, with its subsidiary Flow Science Software Trading Co., Ltd, and is represented in over 20 countries around the world.

Winner of the 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest!

FLOW-3D simulation of the Nizhne-Zejskaya spillway
FLOW-3D simulation of the
Nizhne-Zejskaya HPP spillway

Armen A. Girgidov, a Lead Researcher in the Department of Hydraulics, Hydro-ice-thermals and Reservoir Usage at JSC The B.E.Vedeneev VNIIG in Saint-Petersburg, Russia has won the first Flow Science 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest. Congratulations Armen!

Read his winning entry in this issue's Application Note: Using FLOW-3D as Engineering Tool for Hybrid Modeling

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Be featured in our next Application Note and win an iPod Touch if you are selected as the winner of our next 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest. All entrants will win a $US 10 gift card for amazon.com or iTunes.

Vintage FLOW-3D moments on Facebook!

Ron Harper in the early years
Ron Harper, the third
Flow Science employee

For a blast from the past, go to the FLOW-3D Facebook page to see photos from the early days of Flow Science.

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