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Letter from the Editor

"I never think of the future—it comes soon enough."
-Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Younger members of the staff have been reminding your Editor that this is our 30th year of successful operation. To one who has been a participant for the entire time, it certainly is a long run and leads to the question of how best to celebrate. Should I do something daring and a little wild, like streaking through the office naked? That would certainly be startling but just as certainly embarrassing, not politically correct and might lead the younger staff to the conclusion that the older, more mature staff members are not to be revered. An alternative idea, at the opposite extreme, would be to simply diffuse slowly away leaving no ripples or waves. Of course, I could also leave no trace, but since this is a company devoted to flow processes, "ripples and waves" is a preferable expression.

While pondering these options, younger minds, as they are wont to do, resolved the issue by doing some streaking and diffusing of their own. Read in this issue about their swirling exploits with streak and stream lines, and their salty tales of sweaty dissolution. And, as an extra bonus, read the first article to win our 30th anniversary application contest, which addresses the importance of making comparisons between physical reality and the virtual reality created by our computers.

As for celebrating, perhaps nothing could be better for me than simply thinking of the joy and satisfaction I've received from working with all the talented and dedicated people who have contributed to the making of Flow Science.

Your editor,

Editor's Signature

Tony Hirt