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Comings & Goings

New Flow Science Employees

Ghandarv Kashinath, FLOW-3D/MP Developer
Gandharv Kashinath, Developer
Gandharv Kashinath joined the MP development team in June. Gandharv holds a BS in Aeropsace Engineering from Iowa State University and an MSE in Aerospace Engineering from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a specialization in CFD and numerical methods. As a Developer, Gandharv will be responsible for developing, implementing, documenting and supporting new additions and modifications to FLOW-3D/MP. Gandharv will report to Anup Gokarn, a Senior Developer at Flow Science.

Gandharv's area of specialization includes computational fluids and numerical methods with applications in both high speed and low speed flows. During his Master's program, he was involved in the development of a high speed Navier Stokes solver in order to study the complex phenomenon of Shock Boundary Layer Interaction prevalent in high speed air intakes, flows around transonic airfoils and deflected control surfaces of vehicles in transonic and supersonic speeds.

Saravanan Poosanthiram, Flow Science Software Engineer
Saravanan Poosanthiram, Software Engineer

Saravanan Poosanthiram is the newest member of the FLOW-3D GUI Group. Saravanan holds a MTech from IIT Madras and a MS from University of New Mexico, both in Computer Science. Saravanan's past experience includes 4 years working at SAP Labs in India

In addition to helping out with maintenance tasks, as a Software Engineer, Saravanan will be contributing to the design and implementation of new features in the FLOW-3D GUI. Saravanan will report to Ron Harper, Flow Science's Vice President of Programming.

Joyce Lathrop, Accounting Assistant at Flow Science
Joyce Lathrop, Accounting Assistant

Joyce Lathrop joined Flow Science's Accounting Department in April. Joyce holds a bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Business Administration from City University in Seattle. Joyce works part-time for Flow Science and also owns her own accounting business and does bookkeeping work for several small companies in Santa Fe.

As the Accounting Assistant for Flow Science, Joyce will be responsible for day-to-day accounting entries, accounts receivable, and month-end reporting. She will report to Julie Hoffman, Accounting Manager.

Welcome Ghandarv, Saravanan and Joyce!

Flow Science Promotions

Anita Reynolds, Senior Software Engineer
Anita Reynolds, Senior Software Engineer

Anita Reynolds has been promoted to Senior Software Engineer. Anita started with Flow Science in October 2008 as a GUI Programmer. Anita has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, and, before coming to Flow Science, worked extensively in software engineering for Veritas and the U.S. Navy. In her new position, Anita will continue her work developing the FLOW-3D user interface. She reports to Ron Harper, Vice President of Programming.

Anup Gokarn, Senior Developer at Flow Science
Anup Gokarn, Senior Developer

Anup Gokarn was recently promoted to Senior Developer. Anup started with Flow Science in March 2007 as a Developer, focusing on FLOW-3D/MP. Anup has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Mumba University, an MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University. In his new position, Anup will lead Flow Science's development efforts for FLOW-3D/MP. Anup reports to Michael Barkhudarov, Vice President of Research & Development.

Congratulations Anita and Anup!

Jeff Burnham, Flow Science Support Engineer
Jeff Burnham, P.E., Support Enginer

A Noteworthy Achievement

Jeff Burnham, a Flow Science Support Engineer has passed the grueling Professional Engineers licensure exam and will be adding P.E. to his email signature. G.J. Jeff!

Stefano and Tiziana wed in Casasco d'Intelvi, Italy
Stefano and Tiziana wed in Casasco d'Intelvi, Italy

That’s Amore!

Stefano Masceti, an employee with Flow Science associate firm XC Engineering, wed his long-time fiancée, Tiziana Puricelli, on Saturday, June 19, 2010 in Casasco d’Intelvi, a small mountain village near Lake Como, Italy. The happy couple, pictured here after the ceremony, took a honeymoon in the Greek islands, after which Stefano will be hard at work back at XC, providing training and support for their FLOW-3D customers. Congratulazioni, Stefano & Tiziana!!

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