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FLOW-3D Announcements

Flow Science Launches FLOW-3D/ThermoSET - Thermosetting Resin CFD Modeling Software

FLOW-3D/ThermoSET - Thermosetting Resin CFD MOdeling Software

In June 2010, Flow Science released FLOW-3D ThermoSET, a unique CAE software aimed specifically at solving the complex and unique problems surrounding the development and production of products using thermosetting resins.

Learn more about FLOW-3D/ThermoSET >

Read the Press Release >

FLOW-3D/MP v4.0 Certified by Intel as Cluster Ready

Intel Cluster-Ready certification for FLOW-3D/MP v4.0

High performance clusters offer significant performance gains over typical desktop computers but can be quite complex to configure. There are many choices for operating systems, middleware, interconnects, memory, and storage. Intel Corporation has introduced the Intel Cluster Ready certification program to assure users that hardware and software will work correctly together. Hardware that displays the Intel Cluster Ready logo is assured to run software which is also certified as Cluster Ready.


CEI Offers New FLOW-3D Reader from Ensight

Ensight's FLOW-3D Reader
With Ensight's new Volume Rendering it becomes easier
to look into a complex flow pattern of a FLOW-3D
simulation to better understand
the flow interactions. Watch an animation >

One of Flow Science's visualization partners, CEI, has announced an improved reader for EnSight to read FLOW-3D results files. The improved reader is included in EnSight 9.1.2a, which was released on July 15, 2010.

Enhancements to the reader include:

Future enhancements are being planned with the Flow Science development team in the area of particle data visualization. Customer requests for other enhancements are strongly requested.

Flow Science Awarded Small Business of the Year and Business Excellence Honors

Flow Science has recently been awarded two awards for excellence: the Employer of the Year, awarded by the Santa Fe Professional Business Women and the Business Excellence Award by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce.

The Santa Fe Professional Business Women organization (SFPBW) honored local businesses for their implementation of family-friendly policies and programs. SFPBW annually pays tribute to employers who meet criteria such as family-friendly employee policies, financial assistance for training or education courses, health care or financial assistance for health care, flexible work arrangements, and female employees who hold mid and upper-level management positions. Read the press release >

Win an iPad! Enter the 4th Flow Science 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest

Flow Science is announcing its 4th and final 30th anniversary simulation contest. The contest winner will be featured in the FLOW-3D Winter Newsletter and win an iPad! All entrants will win a $10 US gift certificate. Read the rules and enter your FLOW-3D simulation results!

New Industry-Specific Application Demos Available

Microfluidics applications FLOW-3D demo CD

Want to find out how FLOW-3D is applied in your industry?

New Microfluidics and Hydraulics FLOW-3D application demos are now available. Request your free FLOW-3D CFD demo.




FLOW-3D Training Schedule

Flow Science offers application-specific training classes every month. Whether you're new to CFD, want to learn about the latest version of FLOW-3D or just need some individual consultation, our training classes will help you get up to speed.

Upcoming Events

asQED 2010 Symposium

Aug. 3-4, 2010
Penang, Malaysia
Representing Flow Science: Dazztech Solutions

XXXII National Convention and Design of Water Hydraulics

September 14-17, 2010
Palermo, Italy
Representing Flow Science: XC Engineering<

Canadian Dam Association 2010

October 3-7, 2010
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

SNAME 2010

November 4-6, 2010
Bellevue, WA
Booth #505

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