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Flow Science's 30th Anniversary

30 Years of Improving the World Through Accurate Flow Modeling

Flow Science is now in its 30th year of offering solutions in computational fluid dynamics. In addition to its flagship software, FLOW-3D, Flow Science has expanded its product range to include FLOW-3D/MP, the distributed-memory version of FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D Cast, a specialized version for casting users and very recently, FLOW-3D/ThermoSET, a thermosetting resin CFD software. Read more at the Flow Science's 30th Anniversary page.

Winner of the 3rd 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest!

Matthias Haselbauer
Matthias Haselbauer

Congratulations to Matthias Haselbauer, the winner of the 3rd Flow Science 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest! Matthias's winning entry, Turbulent structures as success criterion for fish passages, is featured as the application note in this issue of the FLOW-3D News.

We would like to make special mention of runner up, Yovanni A. Cataño-Lopera, Research Associate at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his entry about modeling flow into the aerated grit chamber of a water reclamation plant.

Congratulations, Matthias and thanks to everyone who entered the contest!


One Last Time - The Final FLOW-3D Simulation Contest!

Flow Science is announcing its 4th and final 30th anniversary simulation contest. Be featured in our next Application Note and win an iPad if you are selected as the winner of our next 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest. All entrants will win a $US 10 gift card for amazon.com or iTunes. Read the Contest Rules and Submit your Entry.

Winner of the 2nd Flow Science 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest

Ying-Chieh Lin, Hervé Capart and Der-Liang Young of Department of Civil Engineering and Hydrotech Research Institute / National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan
Read his winning entry, Modeling Local Bridge Scour during Flood Event.

Winner of the 1st Flow Science 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest

Armen A. Girgidov of B.E.Vedeneev All-Russian Research Institute Of Hydraulic Engineering in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Read his winning entry titled, Recommendations for Type and Construction of the
Nizhne-Zejskaya HPP Spillway

Retrospective - Celebrating 30 Years of CFD

Flow Science employees take a hike to celebrate Dr. Hirt's 60th birthday
Flow Science employees surprised Dr. Tony Hirt
with a hike in Los Alamos on his 60th birthday.

For a blast from the past, go to the FLOW-3D Facebook page to see photos from the early days of Flow Science.

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FLOW-3D Memory Lane

Do you have Flow Science memories that you'd like to share with us? Send us an email or post on the FLOW-3D Facebook page.