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Flow Science's 30th Anniversary

30 Years of Improving the World Through Accurate Flow Modeling

Flow Science is now in its 30th year of offering solutions in computational fluid dynamics. In addition to its flagship software, FLOW-3D, Flow Science has expanded its product range to include FLOW-3D/MP, the distributed-memory version of FLOW-3D, and FLOW-3D Cast, a specialized version for casting users.

Read more at the Flow Science's 30th Anniversary page.

Winner of the 2nd 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest!

Allen Lin, FLOW-3D simulation contest winner
Allen Lin from the
National Taiwan University

Congratulations to Allen (Ying-Chieh) Lin and team of the National Taiwan University, Taipei, for their Modeling Local Bridge Scour during Flood Event submittal. While the competition was fierce, and at least two other simulations were very close in terms of innovation, originality, and quality of results, Mr. Lin's paper won by a nose due to its clear problem statement, two-step validation of scale experimental results (first, quantitatively, of free-surface profile, then, qualitatively, of sediment scour profile), and excellent inclusion, explanation, and presentation of model results, experimental data, and site and lab photographs.

We would like to make special mention of runners up, Dr. Mario Oertel of University of Wuppertal for his important work with rough ramps and slides, as well as Dr. Matthias Haselbauer of RMD Consult GmbH and Technische Universität Munich for his excellent and interesting modeling of hydrodynamic screws for small-scale power generation. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Enter the 3rd FLOW-3D Simulation Contest!

Be featured in our next Application Note and win a Nintendo Wii if you are selected as the winner of our next 30th Anniversary Simulation Contest. All entrants will win a $US 10 gift card for amazon.com or iTunes. Read the Contest Rules and Submit your Entry.

Read a FLOW-3D Newsletter from the Early Days

The first FLOW-3D issues of the News were printed as 9" x 6" color booklets and mailed out to all of Flow Science's customers. The First Quarter 1996 issue featured an exciting announcement in retrospect, "FLOW-3D on PCs." Other articles focused on the Rapid Solidification Shrinkage model, the new graphical interface and the release of Version 7.0. We've scanned in this CFD artifact that you can download and read it for yourself.

Michael Barkhudarov in the early days of Flow Science
Michael Barkhudrov, now VP of R & D, in the early
days of Flow Science. He has since gotten a computer.

FLOW-3D Memory Lane

Do you have Flow Science memories that you'd like to share with us? Send us an email or post on the FLOW-3D Facebook page.

More Flow Science Nostalgia

For a blast from the past, go to the FLOW-3D Facebook page to see photos from the early days of Flow Science.

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