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2010 FLOW-3D User Conferences - Reports from the Field

Fall 2010 was a busy season for FLOW-3D user conferences. User meetings were held in Montreal, Quebec, Tübingen, Germany, Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan. Record attendances were achieved in almost all the meetings.

2010 FLOW-3D World Users Conference - Montreal, Quebec

Michel Tremblay, SNC Lavalin presents his work at the 2010 FLOW-3D World Users Conference
Michel Tremblay of SNC Lavalin kicks off the user presentations.

The largest-ever FLOW-3D World Users Conference was held in Montreal, Quebec, September 23-24, 2010, preceded by a day of general and hydraulics training sessions. This year's conference marked Flow Science's 30th year of improving the world through accurate modeling. To mark this milestone, Dr. C.W "Tony" Hirt delivered the keynote address: Footprints on the Path to Flow Science. In addition to the keynote address, a poster session was added to the conference events and a special raffle was held.

Thanks to all the FLOW-3D users who made presentations and posters, making this year's conference a great event. See everyone next year in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the 2011 FLOW-3D Users Conference!

Browse the conference album on Flow Science's Facebook page.

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2010 FLOW-3D German Users Conference

A day each was dedicated for foundry and hydraulics users at the 2010 FLOW-3D German Users Conference at the Hotel Krone in Tübingen, Germany. Contact CFD Consultants to request the conference proceedings.

2010 FLOW-3D Japan Users Conference

FLOW-3D presentation at the 2010 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Japan
Professor Sakai of Kitasato University delivers her presentation.

The 2010 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Japan was held on October 27, 2010, at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo. Nearly 90 FLOW-3D users and prospects were in attendance. The conference, sponsored by Terrabyte Corporation, Flow Science’s representative in Japan, included a poster session featuring most of the posters offered at the 2010 World Users Conference.

Flow Science’s Vice President of Engineering and Customer Support, John Ditter, delivered a detailed look at the developments coming with the release of FLOW-3D version 10 next year. He was followed by guest presentations by Matti Sirvio of Simtech Systems Oy, regarding improving castings  with FLOW-3D Cast, and Dr. Sungyul Yoo of Soft-Tech International, on the topic of stability study of the Paldang Dam in Korea. Next there were presentations by users on the application of FLOW-3D to a variety of areas including die casting, medical applications, harvesting ocean energy and electrophotography. The day concluded with a summary of some of the presentations from the World Users Conference and a presentation on the development plans for FLOW-3D ThermoSET, the new product launched this year by Flow Science in cooperation with Terrabyte.

Browse the 2010 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Japan Album on the Flow Science Facebook page.

2010 FLOW-3D Taiwan Users Conference

Poster session at the 2010 FLOW-3D Tawan Users Conference
Conference attendees browse the FLOW-3D posters on display.

The fourth FLOW-3D Users Conference in Taiwan was held on October 27, 2010, at the Howard International House in Taipei, sponsored by Flow Science's associate in Taiwan, hyperInfo. Over 60 FLOW-3D users and prospects were in attendance to hear John Ditter, Vice President of Engineering and Customer Support, provide a look at the upcoming FLOW-3D version 10 developments. In addition, users from industry and academia presented results in topics ranging from desulfurizing steel with magnesium injection to modeling turbidity currents in a reservoir during a typhoon. The winning entry in one of Flow Science’s 30th anniversary simulation contests, Modeling Local Bridge Scour during Flood Event, was presented as well.

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