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Recent Publications

32-09 PDF icon M.A. Binder, C.G. Mingham, D.M. Causon, M.T. Rahmati, G.A. Aggidis, R.V. Chaplin, Numerical Modelling of a Surging Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter, 8th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference EWTEC 2009, Uppsala, Sweden, 7-10 September 2009

30-09 PDF icon Anurag Chandorkar and Shayan Palit, Simulation of Droplet Dynamics and Mixing in Microfluidic Devices using a VOF-Based Method, Sensors & Transducers journal, ISSN 1726-5479 © 2009 by IFSA, Vol.7, Special Issue "MEMS: From Micro Devices to Wireless Systems," October 2009, pp. 136-149.

TN 84 A.J. Starobin and C.W. Hirt, FLOW-3D Core Gas Model: Binder Gas Generation and Transport in Sand Cores and Molds, Flow Science Technical Note #84, FSI-09-TN84, October 2009

29-09  PDF icon Bruce M. Savage, Michael C. Johnson, Brett Towler, Hydrodynamic Forces on a Spillway: Can we calculate them? Dam Safety 2009, Hollywood, FL, USA, October 2009

28-09    D. C. Lo, Dong-Taur Su and Jan-Ming Chen (2009), Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations to the Analysis of Bank Effects in Restricted Waters, Journal of Navigation, 62, pp 477-491, doi:10.1017/S037346330900527X; Purchase the article online (clicking on this link will take you to the Cambridge Journals website).

27-09  PDF icon Charles "Chick" Sweeney, Keith Moen, and Daniel Kirschbaum, Hydraulic Design of Total Dissolved Gas Mitigation Measures for Boundary Dam, Waterpower XVI, © PennWell Corporation, Spokane, WA, USA, July 2009

26-09  PDF icon   Fabio Dentale, E. Pugliese Carratelli, S.D. Russo, and Stefano Mascetti, Advanced Numerical Simulations on the Interaction between Waves and Rubble Mound Breakwaters, Journal of the Engineering Association for Offshore and Marine in Italy (translation from the Italian)

25-09  PDF icon F. Dentale, B. Messina, E. Pugliese Carratelli, S. Mascetti, Studio numerico avanzato sul moto di filtrazione in ambito marittimo, A & C, Analisi e Calcolo, Giugno 2009 (in Italian)

24-09  PDF icon   Richard C. Givler and Mario J. Martinez, Modeling of Pulsating Heat Pipes, Sandia Report, SAND2009-4520, Sandia National Laboratories, August 2009.

23-09  PDF icon J.A. Vasquez and B.W. Walsh, CFD simulation of local scour in complex piers under tidal flow, 33rd IAHR Congress: Water Engineering for a Sustainable Environment, © 2009 by International Association of Hydraulic Engineering & Research (IAHR), ISBN: 978-94-90365-01-1

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