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Letter from the Editor

"Good things, when short, are twice as good."
-Gracián, The Art of Wordly Wisdom

There are many useful ideas in this issue of the News, but we call your attention to the Application Note on bottle filling (which was presented at the 2008 FLOW-3D WUC). Besides filling us with some pride at the close agreement between simulation and experiment, it is a reminder of the excellent papers presented at the FLOW-3D World Users Conferences.

Now it's time for you to think about that great piece of work you did with FLOW-3D, but haven't had an opportunity to write up. Why not write an abstract and submit it to the 2009 FLOW-3D World Users Conference? The following sample abstract illustrates how easy it is.

Abstract: Novel Uses of FLOW-3D

This paper will present a collection of novel uses of the computational fluid dynamics program FLOW-3D. The applications selected have been of particular use to the author and are offered here in hopes that others will also find them useful. We present them as a numbered list of thoughtfully chosen topics, but in no particular order of importance.

One—Useful Time: While FLOW-3D is running, it has been discovered that this offers the user a wonderful opportunity to eat, exercise, engage in pondering philosophical questions of great importance and other useful activities. All these activities potentially enrich society at large, not to mention the betterment of the user.

Two—Pleasing and Engaging Personal Interactions: The world is becoming more impersonal with nearly all correspondence and interaction being conducted electronically. With a FLOW-3D license, you can call the support team to get some old fashioned, personalized help, exchange opinions on current topics, and receive a little tender-loving-care you know you deserve.

Three—Discovery: A great number of surprising discoveries can be made with FLOW-3D, for example, a pile of printouts high enough to step on to reach the top shelf of your closet. If you live in the Midwest you can also use them as barriers against flood waters.

If you are a FLOW-3D user it is certain that you must have found many other novel uses for the software. The author encourages you to make these known to the entire User Community.

Your editor,

Editor's Signature

Tony Hirt

Abstracts should be 500 words or less, and include a description of your application of FLOW-3D. Submit your abstract here.