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Recent Publications

31-08  PDF icon M. Oertel & A. Schlenkhoff, Flood wave propagation and flooding of underground facilities, River Flow 2008, © 2008, International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, Izmir, Turkey, September, 2008

30-08  PDF icon I.N.Volnov, Computer Modeling of Casting of Pipe Fittings, © 2008, Pipe Fittings, 5 (38), 2008. Russian version

29-08  PDF icon Ernst W.M. Hansen, Wojciech Nemec and Snorre Heimsund, Numerical CFD simulations — a new tool for the modelling of turbidity currents and sand dispersal in deep-water basins, Abstract of a talk Ernst given at Production Geoscience 2008 in Stavanger, Norway, © 2008

28-08  PDF icon A.V.Chaikin, I.N.Volnov, V.A.Chaikin, Y.A.Ukhanov, N.R.Petrov, Analysis of the Efficiency of Alloy Modifiers Using Statistics and Modeling, © 2008, Liteyshik Rossii (Russian Foundryman), October, 2008

27-08  PDF icon P. Scarber, Jr., H. Littleton, Simulating Macro-Porosity in Aluminum Lost Foam Castings, American Foundry Society, © 2008, AFS Lost Foam Conference, Asheville, North Carolina, October, 2008

26-08  PDF icon Pamela J. Waterman, First-Pass CFD Analyses: Part 2, Desktop Engineering, November 1, 2008

25-08  PDF icon FMT Staff, Forecasting Core Gas Pressures with Computer Simulation, Foundry Management and Technology, October 28, 2008 © 2008 Penton Media, Inc. Online article