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Diagnosing and Solving Licensing Problems in FLOW-3D Version 9.4

Licensing problems may not occur frequently but, when they do, they can be difficult to solve. Some common problems will be discussed here and some useful techniques for diagnosing and solving them will be presented.

Quick facts

FLOW-3D uses licensing software from Acresso Software to serve tokens from a central license server. A license file (flow3d.lic) containing the server’s hostname, lock id, and number of tokens will be issued to the license administrator. The license server can be a Windows or Linux machine and can serve either Windows or Linux clients. Once the license server is started, two daemons will be running on the server. The first daemon, F3DTKNUX (Linux) or f3dtknux.exe (Windows), is the FLOW-3D vendor daemon. The second daemon is the Acresso daemon lmgrd (Linux) or lmgrd.exe (Windows). Both daemons must be running on the server to run FLOW-3D. Here are some ways to diagnose what kind of license issue you are having.

Verify the license file

The first line of the license file contains the following information:

SERVER this_host “locking id”

where “this_host” represents the hostname of the server. In order to check out licenses from networked clients, the string “this_host” must be changed to the hostname or IP address of the server. If you were sent a USB key, the “locking id” will be the FLEXID printed on the key. On Linux, the Ethernet address will be used. Always ensure the locking id in your license file corresponds to the USB key or Ethernet address of your server.

Verify the license server is running

A quick way to determine if the license server is started on the server is to check that FLOW-3D vendor daemon F3DTKNUX is running on the server. On Windows this can be done using the Task Manager and on Linux this can be done by opening a command prompt and typing:

ps –elf | grep F3DTKNUX

If the FLOW-3D vendor daemon is not running, check the log file to determine the reason why the license server was not started. Typical causes are the hardware key being unplugged and the locking id not matching the hardware key or Ethernet address. If the USB key was not present when the computer started, you will notice that lmgrd is running but F3DTKNUX is not. In this situation, the license server will have to be to be shut down before it can be started.

Client connectivity issues

Client computers must be able to communicate with the license server using either the server's hostname or IP address. To verify that clients are able to communicate with the server, open a command prompt and type:

ping “hostname or IP address”

If the hostname does not respond to the ping command, try the IP address. If the IP address does not respond, you may need to contact your network administrator. If none of these methods work, please call 505-982-0088 or email the support team at Flow Science.