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Recent Publications

18-08 PDF icon Efrem Teklemariam, Bernie Shumilak, Don Murray, and Graham K. Holder, Combining Computational and Physical Modeling to Design the Keeyask Station, Hydro Review, © HCI Publications, July 2008

17-08 James, M. R., Lane, S. J. & Corder, S. B., Modelling the rapid near-surface expansion of gas slugs in low-viscosity magmas, In Lane S. J., Gilbert J. S. (eds) Fluid Motion in Volcanic Conduits: A Source of Seismic and Acoustic Signals. Geol. Soc., London, Spec. Pub., 307, 147-167, doi: 10.1144/SP307.9. 2008

16-08 PDF icon Stefano Malavasi, Nicola Trabucchi, Numerical Investigation of the Flow Around a Rectangular Cylinder Near a Solid Wall, BBAA VI International Colloquium on: Bluff Bodies Aerodynamics & Applications, Milano, Italy, July 2008

15-08 Jorge D. Abad; Bruce L. Rhoads; İnci Güneralp; and Marcelo H. García, Flow Structure at Different Stages in a Meander-Bend with Bendway Weirs, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering © ASCE, August 2008

TN80 C.W. Hirt, Simulating the Residue left by Evaporating Drops, Flow Science Technical Note #80, FSI-08-TN80

13-08 PDF icon T. Yoshimura, K. Yano, T. Fukui, S. Yamamoto, S. Nishido, M. Watanabe and Y. Nemoto, Optimum Design of Die Casting Plunger Tip Considering Air Entrainment, Proceedings of 10th Asian Foundry Congress (AFC10), Nagoya, Japan, May 2008

TN79 Wei, Gengsheng, The Elastic Membrane and Wall Model in FLOW-3D, Flow Science Technical Note #79, FSI-08-TN79

11-08 Sreenivasa C. Chopakatla, Thomas C. Lippmann and John E. Richardson, Field Verification of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Wave Transformation and Breaking in the Surf Zone, J. Wtrwy., Port, Coast., and Oc. Engrg., Volume 134, Issue 2, pp. 71-80 (March/April 2008) Abstract Only

TN78 Brethour, James, The Non-Condensable Gas Model in FLOW-3D, Flow Science Technical Note #78

09-08 PDF icon M. Ren and H. Wijshoff, Thermal effect on the penetration of an ink droplet onto a porous medium, Proc. Eurotherm2008 MNH, 1 (2008)

08-08 PDF icon Stephen Instone, Andreas Buchholz and Gerd-Ulrich Gruen, Inclusion Transport Phenomena in Casting Furnaces, Light Metals 2008 p 811-816, TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), 2008

07-08 PDF icon P. Scarber, Jr., H. Littleton, Simulating Macro-Porosity in Aluminum Lost Foam Castings, AFS Transactions 2008 © American Foundry Society, CastExpo ’08, Atlanta, Georgia, May 2008

06-08 PDF icon A. Reikher, H. Gerber, A. Starobin, Multi-Stage Plunger Deceleration System, CastExpo ’08 NADCA, Atlanta, Georgia, May 2008

05-08 PDF icon Amol Palekar, Andrei Starobin, Alexander Reikher, Die-casting end-of-fill and drop forge viscometer flow transients examined with a coupled-motion numerical model, 68th World Foundry Congress, Chennai, India, February 2008

04-08 PDF icon Delametter, Christopher N., MEMS development in less than half the time, Small Times, Online Edition, May 2008

03-08 PDF icon Petri J. Väyrynen, Sami K. Vapalahti and Seppo J. Louhenkilpi, On Validation of Mathematical Fluid Flow Models for Simulation of Tundish Water Models and Industrial Examples, AISTech 2008, May 2008