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FLOW-3D Announcements

Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D/MP v3.0

Flow Science, Inc. announces that a new release of the distributed memory version of its FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics software is now available.

FLOW-3D/MP v3.0 provides users with more efficient execution and faster simulations while continuing to deliver the same highly-accurate results that users are accustomed to. This new, robust version for clusters gives engineers shorter design cycles for simulating real-world manufacturing processes involving large flow domains with complex flow phenomena.

FLOW-3D CFD engine block flow simulation
An engine block simulation run with FLOW-3D/MP v3.0. Simulation colored by pressure.

FLOW-3D/MP v3.0 has undergone rigorous testing. Efficiencies ranging from 50% to nearly 90% on a variety of problem types have been obtained on 8 processors. Scaling has been demonstrated on up to 16 processors. Runtime improvements on 8 processors range from 7X speed-up in an ideal case to 4X on a very challenging high-speed filling case. Read the full press release.

Attend a Hydraulics CFD Webinar

Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 1:00 PM EST

Fish ladder simulation

This free, online demonstration covers a successful fish ladder renovation project and the evaluation of a spillway's performance during revised PMF conditions.

Be sure to check our News page regularly for the latest online seminars.

Upcoming Tradeshows

Schedule an appointment to meet with us at these upcoming shows. Call us at 505-982-0088 or email us to discuss your simulation project.

Cast Expo ‘08

May 17-20, 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
Booth #2524

NSTI Nanotech 2008

June 1-5, 2008
Boston, Massachusets
Booth #712

Join us for a special presentation at Nanotech, "Optimize Your Microfluidic Designs Using CFD," Monday, June 2, 2008, Room 203, 10:30 am.

There is no charge for this workshop.


July 14-18, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Booth #418

Join us for a special event at Hydrovision, "Utilizing CFD in the Design of Hydraulic Structures," Tuesday, July 15, 8:00-12:00 pm. The hands-on workshop will be presented by Flow Science and EDAW | AECOM. There is no charge for this workshop.