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Letter from the Editor

"If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please."

With the coming of a new year it is customary to consider resolutions that could lead to improvements in our well being. It is also customary to include in one’s resolutions items aimed at reducing things such as our body weight or girth, our possessions, the number of commitments we make and the time we waste. 

Although we do not make "New Year’s resolutions" here at Flow Science, last year we resolved in our development plan to reduce both runtimes and the size of results files. Trimming down both is an ongoing resolution of ours. In this Newsletter you will find several items about reductions already made that we hope will reduce your labor, expenses and work time. For instance, this issue's Development Note shows how a new development based on Unstructured Memory Allocation can significantly reduce the memory and CPU time of a metal casting solidification analysis by eliminating computational grid elements that lie outside of all thermal boundary layers.

Hints and Tips in this issue addresses ways you can make large reductions in the size of output files. Some of these suggestions involve making choices between size and speed, while others suggest possible improvements using new hardware. If you are interested in shrinking your swelling output files, then read this for tips on trimming down.

After totaling up the devastation of holiday shopping, it’s comforting to hear about new things that will reduce our expenses. In this connection, be sure to read in Announcements about the Award-Winning Inkjet printer that offers a reduction in the cost of ink cartridges.

With so many useful reductions to look into, your Editor is reducing his output now…

Your editor,

Editor's Signature, Dr. Tony Hirt

Tony Hirt