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Letter from the Editor

"Sometimes it proves the highest understanding to act like you do not understand."
-Baltasar Gracián (1601-58)

Judging from the world consumption of a variety of chemicals aimed at reducing stress and depression, large numbers of individuals must be experiencing an excess of pressure in their lives. World events, environmental problems, social and work activities can all lead to a variety of internalizations often described as feelings of "pressure." Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to those kinds of pressure.

In this Newsletter are examples of other types of pressures, ones that do have solutions, as described in several contributed articles. The article on gas generated in heated sand cores is directed at defects in metal castings that may occur because of excessive gas pressure. In this case, one solution is to use simulation to predict when such defects might arise and to study what changes in the casting process can be made to eliminate them.

In another article, pressures on a much larger scale are investigated. What happens when landslides fall into bodies of water upstream of a dam? Do they create water waves of sufficient strength in height and speed to damage the dam or to inundate villages upstream of the dam? This question is answered for one proposed dam in rural India using FLOW-3D simulations. A novel technique employing the General Moving Object feature in the program was used to model the pressure forces a landslide imparts to the water.

To cap off this issue involving pressures, the Hints and Tips section has a detailed description of all the different ways that users can request FLOW-3D to compute pressure forces on solid structures.

So now that these types of pressures are under your control, you can relax a bit and let your computer do the sweating for you.

Your editor,

Editor's Signature

Tony Hirt