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Staff Profile: Boris Lukezic

Title: Director, Engineering Services

Education: B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada, in 1988. MBA in Finance from McMaster University, Canada in 1996.

How long have you worked at Flow Science? Since 2005 but, I have been using FLOW-3D since 1997.

What is the best part of your job, or why do you like working at Flow Science? I like the company because FLOW-3D is always improving. Since I first started to use it, it has gotten and continues to get faster, easier to use and has more capabilities. The projects I work on are always interesting, challenging and dynamic. You never know exactly what the results will be until the work is completed. In simulation, your expertise builds on the successes of past projects but, every once in a while, you see something different and unexpected and you have to look at things in a whole new way.

Boris Lukezic poses in front of Lake Ontario
Boris checks out the real flow of Lake Ontario.

What is the most important thing you have learned from Flow Science customers? Don't always believe when someone tells you that something can't be done. That usually happens right before a customer shows you how they are doing that something and doing it quite well.

What do you enjoy and not enjoy about telecommuting? I have time to concentrate on projects relatively undisturbed and I don't need to commute daily. On the negative side, leaving the office is much more difficult when you live inside it. The hours tend to be longer when the work is always so close. There is also some sense of isolation when you don't interact with your co-workers daily. Overall, it has been very good for me. The biggest plus is seeing more of my wife and three young children.

What do you do in your spare time (when you're not at Flow Science)? I like auto racing and have gone to racing school at the nearby Shannonville Motorsport Park. I tried cart racing for awhile until I came home with tire tracks on my helmet; my wife Elizabeth was not too impressed. I spend some of my spare time on home repairs that mysteriously turn into home renovations. Well, if you are going to fix that leaky tap, you might as well just go ahead and gut the whole bathroom. Most of our spare time however, is spent taking the kids to their after-school and weekend activities. Just for the record, I will not buy a minivan!

How do you like those Canadian winters? I like them a lot better now that I am driving less. I no longer dread seeing a fresh dumping of snow on the driveway early in the morning before starting work. It is now nice to look at and more fun. The last time it snowed I spent time with my youngest daughter Nikola showing her how all the snowflakes are different when you look at them up close. She also saw how they melt when you breathe on them. It was quite exciting. Then she made a snowball and threw it at me.

What is on your reading list? Do you have a recent favorite? I love to read and am always reading something. I rotate between classics, mysteries, thrillers, non-fiction science, medical and business books and the odd comic. I will read the side of a cereal box if there is nothing else nearby at the breakfast table. These days I read less serious stuff and more Dr. Seuss, Curious George and the Berenstain Bears.

Who has had the greatest influence on you and why? My father was my first and biggest influence. He showed me the importance of hard work and family. Over the years I have worked with many good people and I have tried to learn from all of them. The lesson from most of them was to keep thinking, ask questions and be curious.