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Recent Publications

19-07 PDF icon A. Richard Griffith, James H. Rutherford, A. Alavi, David D. Moore, J. Groeneveld, Stability Review of the Wanapum Spillway Using CFD Analysis, Canadian Dam Association Bulletin, Fall 2007

18-07 PDF icon Herman Wisjhoff, Better Printheads Via Simulation, Desktop Engineering, October 2007, Vol. 13, Issue 2

17-07 Jos de Jong, Ph.D. Thesis: University of Twente,Air entrapment in piezo inkjet printing, ISBN 978-90-365-2483-4, http://pof.tnw.utwente.nl/5_publications/5_theses.html, April 2007

16-07 PDF icon P. Väyrynen, S. Vapalahti, S. Louhenkilpi, L. Chatburn, M. Clark, T. Wagner, Tundish Flow Model Tuning and Validation: Steady State and Transient Casting Situations, STEELSIM 2007, Graz/Seggau, Austria, September 12-14 2007

15-07 Krishnendu Chakrabarty and Jun Zeng, (Ed.), Design Automation Methods and Tools for Microfluidics-Based Biochips, Springer, September 2006.

14-07 Fei Su and Jun Zeng, Computer-aided design and test for digital microfluidics, IEEE Design & Test of Computers, 24(1), 2007, 60-70.

13-07 Jun Zeng, Modeling and simulation of electrified droplets and its application to computer-aided design of digital microfluidics, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 25(2), 2006, 224-233.

12-07 Krishnendu Chakrabarty and Jun Zeng, (2005), Automated top-down design for microfluidic biochips, ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, 1(3), 2005, 186–223.

11-07 PDF icon Marco Actis Grande, Computer Simulation of the Investment Casting Process: Widening of the Filling Step, Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, May 2007

10-07 PDF icon Gildas Colleter, Breaking wave uplift and overtopping on a horizontal deck using physical and numerical modeling, Coasts and Ports 2007 Conference in Melbourne, Australia