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Letter from the Editor

"Basic research is when I'm doing what I don't know what I'm doing"
--Wernher von Braun

By now bears have already stocked up and gone into hibernation, while the rest of us are hoping to spend more time in front of the fire where we can take stock of our lives. One way we can give you warm feelings about using FLOW-3D is to add to your stock of skills for getting the most out of our program.

In this Newsletter there are articles that describe how to interpret data on the solver screen that indicate the accuracy and efficiency of a solution, and a discussion of many new conveniences added to the Graphical User Interface. Almost more heart warming than a roaring file is a new coupling of FLOW-3D with the impressive information processing tool, Tecplot 360. FLOW-3D output files are now a part of the stock-and-trade of Tecplot's input capabilities without the need to produce an intermediate file. And Tecplot 360 has a rich stock of incredible ways to manipulate and display complex computational data.

Stock pots mix their contents into satisfying treats. By mixing with other FLOW-3D users at the many meetings, training courses and exhibits listed here you can stock up on satisfying experiences while learning new things.

Finally, if you are in to stock piles, read what one of our users has been doing about nasty stuff that sometimes resides in them. Getting more out of FLOW-3D will give you more stock with your customers and might even give you a blast

Your editor,

Editor's Signature
Tony Hirt