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Letter from the Editor

"During a campaign the air is full of speeches - and vice versa."
--Author Unknown

Political campaigning for the U.S. presidential race is well underway and is generating a lot of (hot) air and gas dynamics. Always to be expected are puffing, gasping, heated outbursts, turbulent arm waving, blowing off criticisms of unworkable proposals, expanding and contracting regions of influence, and the inevitable passing of gas from too many potluck suppers.

Flow Science is doing its part to set gas into motion as described in this issue of the News. Think of the following articles as a campaign for FLOW-3D applications in gas dynamics. The conservative crowd can chill out with an HVAC article describing how to keep temperatures down in a space with many sources of hot air. Liberals will enjoy the integration story involving the dynamics of two-component gases. And for those looking for ways to mix things up, there is a discussion of how to get the best turbulent flow results.

When it comes time to cast your vote for progress, less taxing workloads, and improved benefits, think about doing it at the next FLOW-3D World Users Conference. Our third-party visualization software partners will also be in attendance, hoping to gain more constituents.

Voters can register for a new Advanced Hydraulics Workshop the day before the Users Conference. Absentee voters may want to cast their wishes by visiting us at an upcoming tradeshow or one of our regularly scheduled training classes.

Your editor,

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Tony Hirt