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Comings & Goings

New Staff Addition

Edward LeBlanc joined Flow Science as a Software Engineer in June 2007. Edward’s focus will be on the FLOW-3D user interface. Edward was awarded a BS with honors in Electrical Engineering (Microprocessor systems and Electronics) from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1985, and during the first five years of his career designed microprocessor-based instrumentation systems as well as the software to run his hardware.

During this time and in the following years, he found himself spending more time writing software than designing hardware, and as his expertise grew, he increasingly enjoyed software, especially the object oriented software which is now his principal focus.

Edward’s most recent experience has been managing the development of a music aggregation system and media sales kiosk for a firm in Lübeck, Germany. His wife, Signe, is from Germany, and their son, Luca, was born there in 2001. Edward notes, "Besondere Grüße an alle deutschsprachigen Partner und Kunden." Welcome to the team, Edward!

The Graduate

Anup pictured with his classmates and advisor at his graduation ceremonies
Pictured above: Anup (far right) with his fellow classmates and adviser.

A recent addition to our staff--see the last addition of the News--Anup Gokarn--officially celebrated the completion of his Ph.D. studies at the Iowa State University. Anup received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering on May 5, 2007. Congratulations Anup!