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FLOW-3D Announcements

Casting: An Analytical Approach

Casting: An Analytical Approach

Casting: An Analytical Approach, co-authored by Alexandre Reikher and our own Michael Barkhudarov, will be published by Springer in early August 2007. A resource and design tool for product and process designers who work with aluminum castings, this book combines many aspects of product and process development, from an overview of casting processes to a discussion of the strength of materials. Casting: An Analytical Approach features real-life problems, which product and process engineers face every day. A CD-ROM with user-friendly applications written in MATLAB and Visual Basic is also included.

FLOW-3D Users Win Best Paper Award

Preston Scarber Jr. and Charles Bates, long-time FLOW-3D users at the University of Alabama, were awarded the Best Paper Award (Engineering Division) by the American Foundry Society at the 111th Metalcasting Congress held May 2007. Download a copy of their paper, Simulation of Core Gas Production during Mold Fill.

Summary of 7th European FLOW-3D User Meeting

River wall in Tübigen
A view of the river wall
in Tübingen, Germany

8 June 2007
Tübingen, Germany

Users from throughout Europe gathered in historic and beautiful Tübingen to re-connect with one another and to listen to and learn from interesting presentations about experiences with FLOW-3D. The meeting, held one day after the wild annual boat races on the Neckar River, was hosted by FLOW-3D’s representative in Germany, CFD Consultants.

Presentations were given on FLOW-3D applications in hydraulics (TU München and Universität Innsbruck), casting (Hydro Aluminium and Schaufler Tooling) and free-surface flows over submerged bodies (XC Engineering). In addition, CFD Consultants presented an excellent talk on best practices and presented some results and observations on their implementation of a customization for FLOW-3D on prediction of mechanical properties of aluminum alloys. Flow Science’s Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Michael Barkhudarov gave a talk on the latest FLOW-3D release and a preview of upcoming developments.

Users Site Additions

Step-by-step Tutorials

Users can now download step-by-step tuturials for high pressure die casting and foundry applications using FLOW-3D. We will be adding tutorials for other applications soon, so check back in.

V9.2.1 Patch

Updates for version 9.2, including minor corrections and fixes for issues in the user interface, pre-processor, solver and post-processor, are available on the FLOW-3D Users Site. This new release version, numbered v9.2.1, is limited to the following platforms:

For a list of resolved issues and to download a patch for your platform, please log on to the Users Site, click on Software Updates and choose the appropriate platform.

Note: The FLOW-3D Users Site is available only to users under a maintenance agreement. To request login information for the Users Site, please email us.


"The FLOW-3D training class gives a good overview of the mode-of-use and capabilities of the program. It provides a good balance between the "physics" (theory) and the "mechanics" (how to operate) the system."

David Burch PE
Chief Engineer
AlchemCast LLC

Advanced Training in Hydraulics

This class has moved to September 19, 2007, and will be held in conjunction with the 2007 FLOW-3D World Users Conference.

Training Schedule

The next scheduled dates for FLOW-3D training are August 7-10, October 2-5, and December 4-7 2007. Classes fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up early. Go here to download a registration form.