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FLOW-3D Users Conferences

European Users Conference

The FLOW-3D European Users Conference will be held on June 8, 2007 at the Hotel Krone in the beautiful little university town of Tübingen, Germany. The conference, hosted by our representative in Germany, CFD Consultants GmbH, is open to all FLOW-3D users throughout Europe.

We are looking forward to user presentations from a wide range of applications, which we hope will stimulate valuable discussion and exchanges of experiences. In addition, Flow Science will present its latest developments in FLOW-3D.

If you are a FLOW-3D user and would like to make a presentation, we welcome your participation! Please contact either CFD Consultants or Flow Science soon for details and requirements. The hotel has limited space, so send your registration soon!

2007 FLOW-3D World Users Conference: Call for Papers!

We are inviting abstracts for presentations at the FLOW-3D World Users Conference in September 2007. Watch for details about conference location and date.

FLOW-3D Asian Users Conference Recap

Flow Science and several of its distributors in Asia recently completed a series of FLOW-3D User Meetings in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Conference proceedings for the Tokyo and Taipei meetings are available in their respective local languages. To request the proceedings, contact Ms. Jane Ko at HyperINFO Corp. or request a copy from Flow Science.