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Staff Profile: Sivakumar Hariharan

Sivakumar Hariharan
Sivakumar Hariharan

Position: Support Engineer

Education: M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) from Old Dominion University (VA), and B.S. (Mechanical Engineering) from Bharathiar University (India)

How long have you worked for Flow Science? Its been 13 months (I just realized that I've worked for more than an year).

What was it about Flow Science that attracted you? Customer support was a completely new experience for me then and Flow Science provided that perfect opportunity.

And can you say we have not been guilty of false advertising? No. Not at all. I get to work with customer problems in various applications and I also learnt about parallel computing, hardware, different compilers and so far it's been a great learning experience.

What is it that motivates you to get out of bed each morning? I love my work and the challenges that come along with it.

Santa Fe is very different from Virginia or India, isn't it?: I love the mountains and the fact that you can drive at more than 80mph (impossible even to think on the east coast).

What do you like least about Santa Fe? I guess I am used to seeing bridges and water (East Coast thing) and I miss them here...

Who was has had the greatest influence on you? I guess one could always learn something new from others and I am no exception to that. My family, friends and my coworkers have always had some influence at some point in my life.

What is your favorite pastime? I like watching sports. Soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and cricket, of course (love to play soccer and cricket).