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Report: 2006 FLOW-3D World Users Conference

Flow Science held its 2006 FLOW-3D World Users Conference and Advanced Training in Denver, Colorado, September 20-22, 2006. FLOW-3D users presented a wide-variety of applications, from solving shrinkage porosity problems in high pressure die casting to validating flow measurements of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler using FLOW-3D (see our Application Note in the Fall 2006 News edition for a full discussion of the U.S. Geological Survey's study).

List of Presenters

A full house at the 2006 FLOW-3D World Users ConferenceA full house at the 2006 FLOW-3D Users

FLOW-3D users from Ahresty Wilmington and The Simulations Group
Michael Crum, Mark Scherer (Ahresty Wilmington
Corporation) and Babak Saberi (The Simulations
Group) listening to a presentation.

Michael Fahrman of Special Metals delivers his presentation
Michael Fahrman (Special Metals Corporation)
giving his presentation.

John Ditter of FLow Science presents new FLOW-3D features
John Ditter (Flow Science) explaining FLOW-3D

Riccardo Basani (Complex Flow Design): Numerical Simulation of a Hydraulic Power Intake - Ice Modeling

Tom Chan (Tecplot): Getting the Most out of Your FLOW-3D Results with Tecplot 360

Michael Fahrman (Special Metals Corporation): A FLOW-3D Validation Study of Fluid Flow and Particle Motion in a Tundish Water Model

Dan Gessler (Alden Research Laboratory): CFD Simulations Supporting Hydroelectric Power Plant Expansion

Gary Grayson (The Boeing Company): The Importance of Detailed Component Simulations in the Feedsystem Development for a Two-Stage-to-Orbit Reusable Launch Vehicle

Ernst W.M. Hansen (Complex Flow Design): Offshore Gravity Separators; Emulsion Behavior and Drop Growth

Katsutoshi Hinode (Scientific and Engineering Analysis): Simulation of a Flap-Type Gate in FLOW-3D

Alfredo Lopez (The Boeing Company): Cryogenic Tank Modeling for the Saturn AS-203 Experiment

Stefano Mascetti (XC Engineering): FLOW-3D in Aerodynamics: Tests on a NACA 0009 Airfoil

David Mueller (U.S. Geological Survey): Use of FLOW-3D for Modeling Flow Around a Partially-Submerged Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.

Karen Riddette (WorleyParsons): Modeling of Shock Waves in Spillway Contractions and Blast Waves in Air

Babak Saberi (The Simulations Group): Simulation of Gravity Casting and Comparison with Experiment

Preston Scarber (University of Alabama, Birmingham): Casting Simulations as a Design Tool.

Matti Sirvio (Vaasa University): Utilization of FLOW-3D's Defect Prediction to Optimize High Pressure Die Casting Design

Jake Solis (PSSC Labs): PSSC Labs Introduction

Petri Varynen (Helsinki University of Technology): Fluid Flow Modeling in the Continuous Casting Slab Tundish

Sungyul Yoo (Soft Tech International): Numerical Analysis and Comparison of an Emergency Spillway at Daechung Multipurpose Dam

Flow Science Presentations

In addition to the Advanced Training the day before the conference, presentations were also given by Flow Science staff.

Michael Barkhudarov (Flow Science): FLOW-3D--A Look Ahead: Version 9.2 and Beyond

John Ditter (Flow Science): Future Directions in FLOW-3D Hardware Support