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Letter from the Editor

"Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom."
-- George Iles

Hot seems to be a good word to express much of what is going on in the world this summer. Record hot temperatures, all too many hot tempers interacting with disastrous results and hotly contested political contests to name a few.

While hoping to remain the "cool" CFD guys, we can't resist describing some hot new capabilities in FLOW-3D. In this case, however, "hot" is good in the sense of describing things that are sexy and exciting (only virtually, of course). Our application note deals with pushing hot metal around in cool ways, although some will see the applications as a little pushy or tipsy. Another article deals with making our solver more of a hot rod by tweaking it to overcome time-step limitations associated with fluid advection. The result is a cool speed up of many computations with little loss of accuracy.

So come chill out with us and learn more about other hot topics at the 2006 FLOW-3D World Users Conference in Denver, CO or by visiting our booth at a host of upcoming trade shows and technical meetings.

Your editor,

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Tony Hirt