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Comings & Goings

New Member of Flow Science Team

Joel Jacob
Joel Jacob

Satya and Archana
Satya and Archana

Petri Väyrynen
Petri Väyrynen

Flow Science has recently added another new member to its team: Joel Jacob. Joel joined on February 15, and his assignment is to work with Dave Souders on marketing and sales support. Joel obtained his Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Wichita State University in 2005 and his B.E. from the University of Mysore in Karnataka, India in 2001. Welcome aboard, Joel!

Wedding Bells!

Flow Science's newest developer, Satya Kakollu (see Comings and Goings, Winter '06) ;and Archana Kolla were married on February 23 in Tirupati, India. Congratulations and best wishes, Satya and Archana!

Visiting Research Scientist

Flow Science will be the part-time location for a research scientist from Finland under the sponsorship of the National Technology Agency of Finland and the University of Alabama in Birmingham: Petri Väyrynen. Petri will work with Flow Science developers on ways to improve the modeling of various dynamic phenomena occurring in the continuous casting tundish and mold. An additional research topic, to be pursued with UAB researchers and Flow Science developers, is the behavior of gases from various organic and inorganic binders on castings made in sand molds.

Breaking News!

Kimberly and Dave Souders became parents of their first child, little Laurel Elena, on April 19th. Dave, Flow Science's Director of Marketing and Sales, reports both mother and child are doing well. Congratulations, Kim and Dave! And welcome to the world, Laurel Elena!

Training schedule

The next scheduled dates for FLOW-3D training are June 6-9, August 8-11 and October 10-13. Go Lear more about FLOW-3D training.

Upcoming Shows & Meetings

May 24 - European User Conference at the Hotel Krone in the beautiful little university town of Tübingen, Germany.

August 1-4- HydroVision 2006, sponsored by HCI Publications, to be held in the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR from August 1-4. Visit us in Booth #847.

September 21-22- FLOW-3D World Users Conference and FLOW-3D Advanced Training, September 20-22, 2006, in Denver, Colorado.