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Breaking News: FLOW-3D Users Conferences

The Hotel Krone
The Hotel Krone

The Embassy Suites
The Embassy Suites
Denver Tech Center

Because sometimes once is not enough, Flow Science is making this second announcement of two upcoming meetings for FLOW-3D users:

European User Conference—May 2006

This meeting, for  FLOW-3D users in Europe, will be held May 24, 2006 at the Hotel Krone in the beautiful little university town of Tübingen, Germany. The meeting is hosted by Flow Science's representative in Germany, CFD Consultants GmbH, but all FLOW-3D users throughout Europe are invited to participate.

There will be some very interesting user presentations, and Flow Science will present its development plans for 2006 and beyond. If you are a FLOW-3D user and would like to make a presentation, we encourage you to let us know now. Please contact CFD Consultants or email us at Flow Science as soon as possible for details and requirements.

World Users Conference—September 2006

Flow Science will hold its 2006 FLOW-3D World Users Conference in Denver, Colorado, at the Embassy Suites Hotel / Denver Tech Center on September 21st and 22nd. In addition, on the day before the user meetings-- September 20th -- we will hold a half-day FLOW-3D advanced training course. More details will be sent to users in the near future.

Tentative List of Subjects:





Flow Science welcomes users to make a presentation of their work with FLOW-3D. Benchmarks, case studies, research projects, applications to process design and optimization--all are welcome! All presentations will be included in a CD to be distributed to all conference attendees and later made available, via our website, to the general public. If you are interested, please contact Amanda Ruggles. Abstracts will be due by July 1, 2006. Final presentations will be due by September 1, 2006.