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Staff Profile: Raed Marwan

Raed Marwan, programmer at Flow Science

Name: Raed Marwan

Title: Programmer/System Administrator

Education: BBA University of New Mexico (Management Information Systems)

How long have you worked for Flow Science? About 4 years I think. I guess time flies when you are having fun!

Why did you choose to come to work for Flow Science? Well, I guess several reasons. One reason Flow Science is a very strong and highly respected company in the CFD area. Another reason was the project that I was to be involved in (designing FLOW-3D's next generation user interface) seemed like a great opportunity to apply my skills. Furthermore, it also felt like it would be a great learning chance for me both on the managerial and the technical side. Lastly, visiting with the people at Flow Science for the first time during the interview, everybody was very friendly and helpful.

Would you make the same decision again, knowing all you know about these folks now? Yes, I would. With all the good times and the bad times I have had in this company, I have to say that I have learned many things about technology, business, communication, and project work that would have not been possible to learn if I was not part of Flow Science. Also the people at Flow Science are very helpful and understanding. We all share a common goal, making our customers happy.

If there were one part of my job I'd like to jettison, it would be There is nothing I dislike about my job at this point. The work is challenging and keeps me busy.

What is it that motivates you to get out of bed each morning? I will be learning something new today. I am going to put a little effort into reaching my goals in my career and personal life.

The customer requests I most like seeing are: Like many people I do like compliments, though I don't see many of those. However, I also do appreciate many comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism of my work. Those always help me figure out how to keep the customer happy. I do try my best to implement what the users would like to see in the user interface.

The call (or email) I least like getting is: Negativist criticism.

Who was your greatest influence? There are many people that have been, and some still are, great mentors and support. However, I think the greatest was, and still is, my family. They have always supported me with my decisions, always have been there for me in my good times and bad times, and encouraged me to never give up no matter what the odds are as long I truly want to accomplish my goal.

Looking back over your career, what accomplishments are you most proud of? I believe I am only the beginning of my career and I have not yet created or accomplished anything that I consider special. I have to say I am very proud to have worked along with many wonderful, smart, hard working people both at Flow Science and my previous jobs. Because of that I believe I have always been in a rich learning and challenging environment.

What is your favorite pastime? I like reading about history, philosophy, 3D graphics, technology in general, and business. I also enjoy traveling and studying foreign languages.