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Recent Publications

19-04 G. F. Yao, Modeling of Electroosmosis Without Resolving Physics Inside a Electric Double Layer, Flow Science Technical Note (FSI-04-TN69)

18-04 John Richardson and Douglas Dixon, Modeling the Hydraulics Zone of Influence of Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Plant's Cooling Water Intake Structure, a chapter in The Connecticut River Ecological Study (1965-1973) Revisited: Ecology of the Lower Connecticut River 1973-2003, Paul M. Jacobson, Douglas A. Dixon, William C. Leggett, Barton C. Marcy, Jr., and Ronald R. Massengill, editors; Published by American Fisheries Society, Publication date: November 2004, Stock #520.09; ISBN 1-888569-66-2

17-04 Michael Barkhudarov, Multi-Block Gridding Technique for FLOW-3D, (Revised), Flow Science Technical Note #59-R2, FSI-00-TN59-R2

16-04 Carl Trygve Stansberg, Kjetil Berget, Oyvind Hellan, Ole A. Hermundstad, Jan R. Hoff and Trygve Kristiansen and Ernst Hansen, Prediction of Green Sea Loads on FPSO in Random Seas, presented at the 14th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE 2004), Toulon, France, May 2004.