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Recent Publications

4-05 Rolf Krack, The W35 Topic—A World First, Die Casting World, March 2005, pp. 16-17.

3-05 Joerg Frei, Casting Simulations Speed Up Development, Die Casting World, March 2005, p. 14.

2-05 PDF David Goettsch and Michael Barkhudarov, Analysis and Optimization of the Transient Stage of Stopper-Rod Pour, Shape Casting: The John Campbell Symposium, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, February 2005

1-05 C.W. Hirt, Electro-Hydrodynamics of Semi-Conductive Fluids: With Application to Electro-Spraying, Flow Science Technical Note #70, FSI-05-TN70.

23-04 PDF Jose F. Rodriguez, Fabian A. Bombardelli, Marcelo H. Garcia, Kelly Frothingham, Bruce L. Rhoads and Jorge D. Abad, High-Resolution Numerical Simulation of Flow Through a Highly Sinuous River Reach, Water Resources Management, 18:177-199, 2004.

22-04 Jerry Fireman, Computer Simulation Helps Reduce Scrap, Die Casting Engineering, May 2004, pp. 46-49.

21-04 Joerg Frei, Simulation—A Safe and Quick Way to Good Components, Aluminium World, Vol. 3, Issue 2, pp. 42-43.

20-04 PDF J.-C. Gebelin, M.R. Jolly, A. M. Cendrowicz, J. Cirre and S. Blackburn, Simulation of Die Filling for the Wax Injection Process: Part II Numerical Simulation, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, Volume 35B, August 2004