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Flow Science Offers Engineering Services for Casting Firms

Multiple die design ideas simulation of an auto tranmission impeller with FLOW-3D
Multiple die design ideas for this auto
transmission impeller led to a
design that saved Amcan Castings
significant time and money

Flow Science recently announced the creation of a new Engineering Services Division and the appointment of Boris Lukezic as Director of the new division (see Comings & Goings). Initially, the Engineering Services Division will provide services to clients in the metal casting industry only, but plans are under consideration for expanding into other industries where project-oriented work makes consulting a viable option for certain organizations.

Metal casting companies can benefit from the combination of FLOW-3D and Boris' extensive industry experience. Boris used FLOW-3D extensively while at Amcan Castings (Hamilton, Ontario), where he worked for the last 9½ years, ending up as Product Engineering Manager responsible for all aspects of Amcan's full-service engineering department. An excellent description of one case of his work with FLOW-3D at Amcan is given in an article that appeared in the February 2003 issue of Modern Casting. In that case, and time and again, Boris and the other engineers at Amcan used FLOW-3D to solve problems via computer modeling rather than trial and error, thus saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars and much time. Now, as the lead engineer for Flow Science's new Engineering Services Division, Boris can do the same for other casting firms.