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Breaking News: European Users Conference Planned

Hotel Hasen in Herrenber, Germany

A meeting for users of FLOW-3D in Europe is planned for June 14, 2005 at the Hotel Hasen in Herrenberg, Germany. This meeting is an expansion upon a regular user meeting that has been hosted by our representative in Germany, CFD Consultants GmbH, for several years. This year, CFD Consultants and Flow Science are collaborating to expand the meeting to include all European users so as to reach out to and benefit more users.

We are looking forward to some very interesting user presentations, which we hope will stimulate valuable discussion and exchanges of experiences. In addition, Flow Science will present its development plans for 2005 and beyond.

If you are a FLOW-3D user and would like to make a presentation, we would welcome your participation! Please contact either CFD Consultants or Flow Science soon to provide a brief abstract of your proposed presentation.

Contact CFD Consultants for a registration form now! The hotel has limited space, so send your registration soon!