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Staff Profile: Ron Harper

Ron Harper, Computer Scientist at Flow Science
Ron showing off his haul during
a recent fishing trip to Alaska

Title: "Computer Scientist" (at least that's what my business card says).

Education: B.S. mathematics (minor in computer science) from the University of New Mexico.

How long have you worked for Flow Science? 23 years

Why did you choose to come to work for Flow Science? I was working at LANL at the time, and the challenge of coming to work for a small private company appealed to me.

So, what do you do all day? Software development and customer support

What is it that helps you get out of bed each morning? I guess I'm just a morning person. I enjoy getting up early, having a cup of coffee, and taking my dogs on their morning walk.

Who was your greatest influence? My parents

What are your important accomplishments? My children and grandchildren

What is your favorite pastime? Golf

Editor's note: Ron is just as voluble at the office...