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Letter from the Editor

"The great tragedy of Science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact." -- Thomas Huxley

Sometimes we are all mixed up and must search for a solution. Some of our customers have the opposite problem. They search for how best to mix up solutions, for example batches of chemicals or mixtures of other types of materials. Mixing is a common fluid-dynamic process that can be both desirable and undesirable depending on the situation.

In this issue of the News we highlight both good and bad mixing processes caused by moving obstacles. In one chilling example a moving straw mixes a cold drink containing floating ice cubes. While it is only intended as a demonstration, this example simulation illustrates an extremely powerful modeling capability. Multiple moving obstacles with either a specified motion or coupled dynamically with the fluid will be a standard feature in the next release of FLOW-3D. Get ready for a moving experience.

A second example of mixing shows the down side of pushing ahead too fast. High-pressure die casters know that it is important to push liquid metal rapidly into their dies before the metal has time to solidify. On the other hand, pushing too fast can cause air to be entrained in the metal resulting in a defective part. Here we show by example how FLOW-3D can be used to reduce several possible sources of defects, including air entrainment, in high-pressure die casting.

If you're mixed up with flow problems then FLOW-3D may be your solution.

Your editor,

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Tony Hirt