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Letter from the Editor

It's election time in the U.S.; the time to make decisions about many important topics. Most folks involved in this process have been overwhelmed with the avalanche of ads and announcements about how bad their situation is and/or how good it can be if they make the right decision. Well, you can cheer up; FLOW-3D News is good and positive. A decision to put your trust in FLOW-3D will not raise your taxes, but it might lower your medical costs by reducing stress and improve your retirement by increasing your output.

In this issue of the News we report on new developments, new applications and many improvements that can be found in our next program release. In lieu of a convention the 2004 FLOW-3D Users Conference was recently held in Chicago. A summary of this gathering is also reported in this issue.

Your support of FLOW-3D is a vote for continued growth, better solutions, and more opportunities for success. There's nothing taxing about making this decision!

Your editor,

editor's signature, Tony Hirt



Tony Hirt