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Letter from the Editor

The big thing in entertainment these days seems to be reality shows. Not to be outdone, we are hosting our own reality show this year, the 2004 FLOW-3D Users Conference, September 20-21 in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, see the Comings & Goings section of the Newsletter. There will be a variety of fascinating presentations and many good opportunities for exchanging information. We look forward to seeing you there.

There are TV reality shows dealing with just about every aspect of life, and then some. We feel this is a pretty good description of our show piece, FLOW-3D, which is intended for real people solving real problems. Just consider some of the different reality offerings described in this issue of the News. There is "Survivor," which follows the life and death struggles of micro-organisms in water treatment systems that have been modified for better mixing of chemical additives. Our "Apprentice" offering is a new thermal stress capability growing up under the tutelage of an established elastic-stress model. And finally, there is a "Big Brother" offering in which residents in micro-devices (MEMS) are subjected to electrifying forces and currents that generate comfortable heating effects.

Even though computers are most often described as providing virtual solutions, we believe you will find real satisfaction in directing your own reality shows with FLOW-3D, just like those presented in this Newsletter.

Your editor,

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Tony Hirt