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Recent Publications

Linked articles are downloadable. Use a PDF viewer or Adobe Acrobat to view. If an articleis not linked to our online library, call or email us at Flow Science and we will send you a copy.

30-03 D. Souders, I. Khan and GF Yao, Alessandro Ingognito, and Matteo Corrado, A Numerical Model for Simulation of Combined Electroosmotic and Pressure Driven Flow in Microdevices, 7th International Symposium on Fluid Control, Measurement and Visualization

29-03 C. W. Hirt, Modeling Shrinkage Induced Micro-porosity, Flow Science Technical Note (FSI-03-TN66)

28-03 Thixoforming at the University of Sheffield, Diecasting World, September 2003, pp 11-12

27-03 Jun Zeng, Daniel Sobek and Tom Korsmeyer, Electro-Hydrodynamic Modeling of Electrospray Ionization: CAD for a µFluidic Device-Mass Spectrometer Interface, Agilent Technologies Inc, paper presented at Transducers 2003, June 03 Boston (note: Reference #10 is to FLOW-3D)

26-03 William Walkington, Gas Porosity - A Guide to Correcting the Problems, NADCA Publication: 516

25-03 J M Brethour, Moving Boundaries: an Eularian Approach, Moving Boundaries VII, Computational Modelling of Free and Moving Boundary Problems, A. A. Mammoli & C.A. Brebbia, WIT Press

24-03 David Ho, Karen Boyes, Shane Donohoo, and Brian Cooper, Numerical Flow Analysis for Spillways, 43rd ANCOLD Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, 24-29 October 2003

23-03 G. F. Yao, A Computational Model for Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow in Microsystem, Nanotech 2003, (FSI-03-TN65)

22-03 G. F. Yao, C W Hirt, and M Barkhudarov, Development of a Numerical Approach for Simulation of Sand Blowing and Core Formation in Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Process-X, Ed. By Stefanescu et al pp. 633-639, 2003

21-03 E. F. Brush Jr, S P Midson, W G Walkington, D T Peters, J G Cowie, Porosity Control in Copper Rotor Die Castings, NADCA Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN September 15-18, 2003, T03-046