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Recent Publications

Linked articles are downloadable. Use a PDF viewer or Adobe Acrobat to view. If an article is not linked to our online library, call or email us at Flow Science and we will send you a copy.

3-04 Charles Bates, Dealing with Defects, Foundry Management and Technology, February 2004, pp 23-25
2-04 Herman Wijshoff, Free Surface Flow and Acousto-Elastic Interaction in Piezo Inkjet, Nanotech 2004, sponsored by the Nano Science & Technology Institute, Boston, MA, March 2004.

1-04 Laihua Wang, Thang Nguyen, Gary Savage and Cameron Davidson, Thermal and Flow Modelling of Ladling and Injection in High Pressure Die Casting Process, International Journal of Cast Metals Research, vol. 16 No 4 2003, pp 409-417