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Comings & Goings

New FLOW-3D Representatives for India and China

In the latter part of 2003, Flow Science made the leap into the large (and fast-growing) markets of India and China.

Two new Associates were signed for the Indian market: GissEta India Pvt. Ltd, of Chennai, which will work the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, civil hydraulics, environmental engineering, process engineering, maritime, oil & gas and MEMS industries, and Kaushiks International, of Bangalore, which will represent FLOW-3D to the metal casting and plastics molding industries.

In China, where FLOW-3D has had a metal casting representative in Hong Kong for many years (Frech Far East), Flow Science has added Fuchuang Technology Development Center, of TaiYuan City in the Shanxi Province, to represent it for other applications.

New Consulting Associate Retained

Flow Science also secured a new Consulting Associate by retaining Dale Conner, a longtime FLOW-3D user, and his firm Material Design Solutions, LLC, to provide consulting services using FLOW-3D. Material Design Solutions’ primary areas of expertise are airflow, injection molding and metal casting.